May 8, 2023

"I couldn’t recommend a better hauling company than Delta hauling & disposal services. Not only were the prices super affordable, but they were so accommodating and made a last minute Easter weekend booking possible. Will definitely use this service again!"
A W May 12, 2022

2022-10-06 | 14:42:04

"Dave is the GUY! Can back a trailer around a sharp curved corner with no problem. As an ex truck driver I much appreciate his abilities. Also, the guy works hard and is fast and efficient!"
Patrick Megally April 29, 2022

Patrick Megally

"Great service, timely and honest. Definitely recommend!"
Ron Schoenstein February 22, 2022

Ron Schoenstein

"Dave has been extremely helpful and has been very professional. The price was very reasonable and delivery of the dumpster was FAST. I would highly recommend this company for your dumpster needs."
Shanica Brown January 2, 2022

Shanica Brown

"The driver they sent was absolutely awesome! He was able to easily back up my long, very steep and curved driveway in the snow! I thought he would have to leave it in the road due to the driveway and how skinny it is along with the icy snow, but had no problems backing it up my driveway to accommodate my needs and make it easier for me to load. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would use them over anyone else in the future! Thank you so much!"